Forest Hill

Forest Hill

Out of Hours/Emergencies only

Croydon/Bromley: Call 07740086810
Lambeth/Southwark: Call 07739541873
Lewisham: Call 07715421724

Jenny Whitby
Branch Manager
Westminster Homecare
Second Floor
127 Stanstead Road
SE23 1HH

T: Bromley/Croydon – 0208 291 5444
T: Lewisham – 0208 291 8070
T: Lambeth/Southwark – 0208 291 8072
F: Bromley & Croydon – 0208 291 7801
F: Lewisham – 0208 291 7801


Jenny Whitby –                    Vicki Wilkinson –
Branch Manager               Deputy Manager


Westminster Homecare Forest Hill branch took part in the Alzheimer Society Cupcake day to help raise funds to create a better world for people affected by dementia today, but also to find a cure for tomorrow.  Below are a selection of the cakes made for the event.  Jenny Whitby, Branch Manager, and Vicki Wilkinson, Deputy Manager pictured sampling the cakes.



I feel that I must write this letter to tell you how much I appreciate the care and compassion shown to me by the carer who looks after me.  Two years ago after an accident and stay in hospital where I experienced a nasty time, the thought of having carers for the first time in my life I found this quite frightening, also after the tales I had heard about them.

How wrong I was! Whether I have been lucky I don’t know but, June, Bev, Cathy Cavita & Nicky have changed my mind.  I only hope they are appreciated by their employers.

M Swatton Symal service user

I cannot thank (carer) enough for all she did for (my mum) last night…it has made the whole family happier knowing (mum) was not on her own. “Big thumbs up”

TW, Ipswich

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