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Massive Congratulations to Sarah Coley who has been awarded Leicester Employee of the Month.

Sarah was rewarded carer of the month for her outstanding work with all of her service users but in particular with a certain service user.

A social service support worker had emailed the branch manager informing her that Sarah had changed the life of the service user and was very impressed with what she had achieved.

Sarah came to the company at the beginning of December 2016 and has achieved so much in a short space of time, she is a credit to Westminster Homecare.

Pictured below Sarah (right) with her co-ordinator Michelle Mucaj

Reviews posted on Facebook

Great company to work for very welcoming 🙂 and all the others are very helpful from the Leicester branch is brilliant the recruitment team is very warm and welcoming to new members of staff the accounts are efficient and knowledgeable and the coordinators and risk assessors are extremely educated in all aspects of care and always happy to help anyone 🙂




I feel that I must write this letter to tell you how much I appreciate the care and compassion shown to me by the carer who looks after me.  Two years ago after an accident and stay in hospital where I experienced a nasty time, the thought of having carers for the first time in my life I found this quite frightening, also after the tales I had heard about them.

How wrong I was! Whether I have been lucky I don’t know but, June, Bev, Cathy Cavita & Nicky have changed my mind.  I only hope they are appreciated by their employers.

M Swatton Symal service user

It is with great pleasure that I write to you about a member of your staff.
Heidi is the perfect carer she looks after me to perfection, she always goes above and beyond her job.
She always asks how I am, keeps me clean, empties my bins and often offers to get me milk or anything I might run out of.
Also she changes my bed and is always there to listen my woes and always lifts my spirits.
It would be very rewarding for me if you could make her “carer” of the month or even “carer” of the year.
She is always there to help her colleagues.
Hope you will be able to action this for me. It would make me happy if Heidi was commended for the superb carer she is.
It has been a privilege for me to know her.
Yours truly
SR – Symal House SU

SR - Symal House SU

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